At Ivory Denture Clinic, we are a provider for Valplast® flexible partial dentures in Spokane, Washington. In most cases, this type of denture is not used for full dentures and is usually utilized to replace lower teeth. These may or may not be the right solution for your smile. Before deciding on this restoration, we suggest you speak with your dentist, and call our office at 509-536-7675 and talk with our excellent denturist, Melissa Loucks.

Unlike other partial dentures, Valplast partials require no metal clasps to hold them in place. They are made from nylon polymers that give them increased stability. They also have a greater degree of flexibility than other types of partials.

Although the price may be somewhat higher than partials that are made with a metal clasp, the procedure to place these dentures is completely noninvasive. Many patients have reported that Valplast partials are extremely comfortable to wear and find that they are more attractive than other types of partials. And if your denture needs change over time, our denturist can add teeth to your original partial. For more information about our Valplast partial dentures and to schedule an appointment with our experienced denturist, please call our office today to start improving your smile.