Your dentures can improve the appearance of your smile. But to be honest, your teeth have a tough job to do, and when it comes to dentures, durability is important. If you are interested in strong dentures that can stand up to the pressure that is exerted on your smile, contact our knowledgeable denturist and the team at Ivory Denture Clinic at 509-536-7675. Melissa Loucks can provide you with cast metal partial dentures in Spokane, Washington.

Cast metal partials are removable dentures designed to replace multiple missing teeth. Their foundation is a metal framework which is made of biocompatible materials, making it safe for your smile. But that framework is covered by plastic designed and shaded to mimic the appearance of your teeth and gums. They are very light, and while the framework is not visible, the clasps that hold your dentures in place may be seen by others when you open your mouth.

Cast metal partials can be a great solution if you are allergic to acrylic but still want a complete smile. Because of their strength, they can last many years, but you should still visit our denturist for regular cleanings and relines and to check their fit. For more information about cast metal partials, please contact our office today.