Are you looking for a partial denture that is comfortable and affordable? Our excellent denturist, Melissa Loucks, may have the solution you need. At Ivory Denture Clinic, we offer acrylic partial dentures in Spokane, Washington. While they are durable, acrylic may not be as strong as other materials. They are popular because they are relatively easy to make and can be a quick solution to missing teeth. In some cases, we may suggest an acrylic partial as temporary replacement while we make your permanent dentures in our in-house dental lab. Some people may choose this option because it is more cost-effective than other dentures. They are easy to put in and take out, and they fit snugly against the ridges of your gums so you can bite and chew your food and speak clearly.

Acrylic partials contain no metal, although if necessary, our denturist can add metal clasps to hold them in place. A single partial can replace multiple lost teeth and may be a great alternative to a dental bridge. If you would like to see if an acrylic partial would be a good fit for your smile, call our denture clinic at 509-536-7675 and schedule your appointment to help your smile.