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Reline Versus Replace

As you age, your mouth changes and your gums naturally recede and shrink. As this happens, your dentures will start to not fit as well. It is common and recommended to replace dentures every five to seven years and reline, which means refit your dentures, every two to three years. This will help keep your dentures fitting and functioning properly.

5 Signs Telling You It Is Time to Replace Your Dentures:

Your dentures are no longer comfortable. Your dentures are loose and no longer fit. You are experiencing pain when biting and chewing. Your dentures are cracked, broken, or damaged. You are unable to chew effectively due to the teeth being worn down. Keep your dentures fitting well, and taking good care of them will help increase your health, confidence and... read more »

Cleaning Tips for Dentures and Partials:

Remove and rinse dentures after eating (be careful not to drop them - they are very slippery) Gently brush with a soft bristled brush under running water Soak dentures at night in a denture cleanser such as Polident® or Fixodent® Brushing with too firm or hard of a brush can leave little scratches which help trap debris, causing staining and... read more »